Trimo, d. d.

General manager Tatjana Fink, MBA

In 2009 we are aware more than ever before of discrepancy between the future we desire and the actual state. Although the business environment is currently uncertain, new opportunities are opening for innovative and advanced companies. In Trimo we are dedicating a lot of time and resources to development of new products and implementation of new technologies and automation into our manufacturing processes, as this is the only way for us to successfully satisfy the more and more demanding customers on the global market. We find that introduction of IT, robotization/automation and integration of state-of-the-art technological solutions into designing new products is key for a successful industrialization and, not least, for a successful placement of new competitive products to the market. New connections and transfer of information among the representatives of metalworking industry, providers of advanced technologies and automation provide an opportunity for increasing the competitive ability of Slovenian companies. This is an additional reason why we should support events like IRT 2009 Industrial forum. We are expecting to face there the best and most innovative representatives of Slovenian industry who, despite uncertain times, keep investing in the development and making new products with even more market appeal.

Domel, d. d.

President of management board dr. Jožica Rejec

Slovenian economy depends above all on the management and improvement of existing manufacturing technologies. Implementation of new manufacturing solutions is mandatory to ensure progress and preserve competitive advantage. An event like IRT Industrial Forum can contribute towards exchange of experience among experts working in Slovenian industrial environment for years, so we in Domel are welcoming it warmly. The experience from previous years shows that Slovenian companies are able to successfully compete with the modern global competition through cooperation in joint projects. In the light of this, we see the purpose of this event mainly in the exchange of different experience, in meeting experts active in different fields and in learning about the abilities of individual companies. This could provide significantly better foundations for decision making in drafting and planning of developmental projects. Considering the diversity of technologies used in Slovenia, we are convinced the participants will not be disappointed with the presented practical solutions. We at Domel, d.d., expect above all to exchange opinions with our colleagues from the industry and to establish long-term partnerships both in the developmental and the technological field.


Akrapovič, d. d.

Director Marko Adamič

The economic crisis is affecting every subject in the consumption chain in some way; be it by geography, industry or structurally, since these economical categories are inseparably interconnected and intertwined. We often hear the companies will have to use internal reserves, find new opportunities and in this way bridge the period of crisis we are facing. We are in the period of consolidation when every company is handling these challenges in its own way. In steering the further course of activities, the decisive and crucial tools will be the power of trademark, own development and other internal company values. Slovenian economy incorporates many companies that are among the world’s best, so it is appropriate to present them to the wider audience. Such an industrial forum is definitely an appropriate event and a great opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, experience and open discussions. Getting to know people from the industry also opens opportunities for cooperation. The forum helps us raise our self-confidence and proves the companies can use their innovation, adaptability and technological excellence to lead their way among the world’s best. Let this meeting be an opportunity to reach this goal.

LAMA Avtomatizacija, d. o. o.

Director of Pc MS Franci Volarič

I welcome and support the idea about the preparation of an industrial forum. I am glad this decision was met by a professional magazine that has been informing people with technical background for years about the achievements in various areas at home and abroad. We find an article that seems like to be written just for us in every issue of IRT magazine. The forum will provide a vast spectrum of topics, so I am convinced most of us will have no guilty conscience devoting two working days to learn something new and socialize. I am convinced the forum will be a splendid opportunity to promote our company that is not recognizable enough in our “small” Slovenia. We will use the forum to promote new ideas and to showcase the latest achievement in automation of manufacturing processes and casting. We will also show what we are able to achieve in cooperation with companies that are among the world’s best in their fields of activity. At the forum, I therefore expect concrete reactions of participants from commercial departments, concrete answers about funds that are supposed to be available for the development and promotion of innovative ideas; and how to obtain them. It is also my wish to see and hear about the novelties prepared by our colleagues from other companies, as well as about their experience in battling the recession.

Mersteel, d. o. o., Merkur Group

Ddirector of logistics Darko Gregorič

Mersteel, d.o.o., is a company that wants to become the leading retailer of metallurgic products in the South-eastern Europe. We are well aware how important it is to be informed about events related to the activities in the field of metal-working industry. The market region is very interesting for us as it enables us above-average indices of growth despite the current recession. We will approach the role of global player in the area of South-eastern Europe through growth of sales and market shares, achieved by investing into logistic centres, strategic connections with selected suppliers and customers, by continuing extensive development and investments into post-processing services. The realization of these objectives requires good knowledge about trends in the field of development, technologies and other fields related to manufacturing processes. Events like IRT Industrial Forum are very important for meeting the right decisions regarding business operations. In addition to professional work, covered by the forum's topics, the exchange of practical experience is also very important.

INEA, d. o. o.

Director of development and head of TVP Technological network TVP dr. Zoran Marinšek

I see the event as an attempt to link the problem areas of different technological fields and activities in the technology development lifecycle, and partially the human resources aspect. The fields are well chosen from the viewpoint of process control technology, as the list includes all fields we have determined to be a priority. The central purpose of event in my point of view is networking, especially the “mixing” of representatives of different industries where opportunities for linking different technologies arise. Each product incorporates many technologies, e.g. materials, theory of mechanisms, theory of control. A new solution in a single technology is therefore mainly only a technological improvement; whereas a technological leap requires new solutions in the majority of incorporated technologies. Integration of technologies therefore represents a key aspect of technological progress, as this is the only way to move up on the scale of added value. In Slovenia, we are lacking the ability to connect, which requires interdisciplinarity. For all these reasons, the event has my support.

Gorenje Orodjarna, d. o. o.,

director dr. Blaž Nardin

Manufacturing technologies are extremely important for the Slovenian economy. As much as 30 percent of gross domestic product is created with so-called manufacturing technologies. For this reason, the happening in this sector must make a difference to us. Manufacturing technologies are a characteristic horizontal activity, integrated into many different industries harbouring different points of view about the development of manufacturing technologies. It therefore seems reasonable to me to confront different opinions on the development of manufacturing technologies at a conference like the Industrial Forum of Innovation, R&D and Technology. I see this meeting above all as a meeting to exchange expert opinions on a popular level. I feel the meeting should not turn into a means for collecting academic credits necessary for promotion. It must be oriented towards real-world solutions that are useful for everyday practice. If we manage to prepare a good mix, or, even better, a combination of various fields of manufacturing technologies, it will surely be a recipe for success.

MEM Gorazd Kravanja s. p.,

director Gorazd Kravanja

The idea to organise IFIRT 2009 forum is highly welcomed, mostly owing to the variety of announced topics that are highly interesting to a tradesman in these challenging times. The period of high-volume production is over and we had to divert our activities to more complex and more capital-intensive fields of activity. Such meetings provide help and easier transition for smaller tradesmen like us, although work in companies as small as ours usually has to stop on the day of meeting. The announced topics at the forum are really aplenty, and this will also be an opportunity for the exchange of opinions that usually remove many an obstacle.
The rollercoaster we have found ourselves on is running more slowly than the rollercoaster of new technologies and materials. If we want to catch the latter, we will have to join our knowledge and ideas.

TPV d. d. Novo mesto

member of management board mag. Marko Gorjup

The automotive industry with its highly specialized production belongs among the most important factors of economic development, technical innovation and competitiveness, so it demands from its employees a high level of skill and continuous education. In order to stay competitive, the manufacturers in the automotive industry have to face the challenges of high technology and quickly respond to customer demands. We may respond to the rapid evolution of automotive industry with experience, modern technologies and upgrading knowledge.
The achievements of research and development help create new workplaces, as well as contribute to a higher economic growth and quality of life. Further training, transfer and use of knowledge, promoting innovation and high-technology activity, and investing in human resources is crucial for the research and development activity of companies. One important factor in improving the competitive ability and efficiency of companies is also the cooperation with various institutions that are important for the development of industry. Any meeting or other form of cooperation among different sectors of economy and science is therefore welcome. Only in this way can the knowledge circle and be upgraded.
The Innovation, R&D and Technology Industrial Forum is without a doubt an opportunity to learn about novelties, useful solutions and best practices from different industries. All this stimulates knowledge transfer and often leads to new useful ideas. We welcome such gatherings with open hands.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana,

prof. dr. Janez Kopač

The scheduled IFIRT 2009 event will combine the industry and the academic sphere. Such efforts are getting more and more intense during the last years. Especially in the time when the recession is knocking on our doors, we are obliged to work hand in hand to achieve optimal results in development and on the market, in order to preserve the advantage of Slovenia in the Central European room.
Innovation and innovative solutions are certainly aplenty in Slovenia, but we often do not know how to recognise and evaluate them. This means that we are unable to set the price for our own knowledge, and this is then done by others in their own name. An important element of this event will therefore also be the cooperation of renowned experts from the field of innovation.
There are more and more universities in Slovenia including faculties and institutes that not only carry out fundamental research but also applicative research in fields, which, I am convinced, touch high technology and advanced knowledge. A common problem is how to transfer such knowledge from the laboratories into industrial sphere. It is not enough to submit the results of research in form of a report or a presentation for a team of experts from the industry. One must use well-known methods for knowledge transfer and use modern technologies to implement the results of research in the manufacturing of modern products.

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